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Little bit from the history of WRCHD
If you are a regular visitor of WRCHD, you know that we have been around for quite some time, since April 2009 to be exact. Our goal from the beginning was to bring you (assuming you are enthusiastic rally fan, like we are) the latest WRC & rally HD videos available online via YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc… pretty much all the videos from major video platforms out there, however we decided to stick with YouTube, because of their simple API and no tedious work arounds.

Since the beginning, WRCHD.com has gone through 4 major re-vamps and few evolutions… well sort of.

v 1.0
Was launched in April 2009 and it was really just testing the waters of what we can do with a website that strictly focuses on videos, that are being provided from third parties. We actually planned to host some videos as well, but since YouTube started supporting videos in HD, it would be waste of our time, money and bandwidth to go in this direction and decided to ditch this plan and decided to use only YouTube.

v 2.0
Launched around March 2011… and honestly…can’t even remember what we have done with it.

v 3.0
Launched probably around September in 2012, which had some minor changes mainly in the backend, not noticeable to viewers.

v 4.0
This is where the significant changes happened and completely new UI was designed for easier and better navigation within the site and much improved better user experience.

v 5.0
Launched in January 2015 with new UI, responsive design and navigation, offering users more content at their finger tips than ever before.

v 6.0
Launched in January 2016 with completely re-designed interface for better user experience. We also added a feature to publicly submit videos. Also the entire backend was re-written to accommodate the new features.

We tend to keep the site up-to-date with latest technology, but everything evolves so fast, that is sometimes nearly impossible to stay on top of things… but we strive to do our best. WRCHD.com runs on WordPress platform with significantly customized features.

If you have any feedback, concerns or questions, you can email us at info@wrchd.com.



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